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History of Medicine

Steve has long had an interest in the history of medicine and has researched a series of presentations from Medieval through to Victorian. He has taken part in numerous T.V. programmes and has undertaken research for the Wellcome Library and developed several of their video conferencing packages.

We have live leeches to add the eeeek factor and museum quality equipment. While it is not possible for these sessions to be too ‘hands on’ – or should that be ‘hands off’?- audience participation is encouraged where a vict …oops!... volunteer is called for and questions are answered with relish – or is that just fake blood?


  • Medieval Surgery – In this talk Steve explains the theory of the four humours that underpins Medieval medicine and demonstrates the skill of the surgeon.
  • Early Modern Surgery - Steve explains the continuing theory of the four humours but also shows the changes that came about during this period and demonstrates the developing skill of the surgeon.
  • Jenner and Vaccination – The story of the development of vaccination is more complicated than you may think. Steve explains how Jenner developed the technique and how he got it accepted by society.
  • Germ Theory – the Victorian Period – During Queen Victoria’s reign germs were recognised as being responsible for illnesses. Find out how the fight against germs started.
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