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History of Food

Eve has researched recipes from Medieval times to the 1960s (she doesn’t need to research later ones – she remembers those!) and is fascinated by the relationship between food fashions, changes in society and the wider history of the time. She has a passion for spices that were used in the past. She is a superb cook – as shown by her waistline (never trust a slim cook!).

She can produce presentations on food and society with examples of typical recipes from the time. Unfortunately, she has not yet taken any H. & S. courses, so is unable to cater for the public but is happy to provide recipes that can be reproduced by the site’s own catering staff or be taken for the public to ‘have a go’ at home.

  • Spices and Medieval Society  -  Eve has a passion for spices that were used in the past. She explains where the Medieval person thought they came from and how they illustrated society.
  • Medieval Food - They all ate mud and it tasted horrible!!! Oh, no it didn't! Be surprised at the sophistication of the diet of the rich in Medieval times and how that differed from the diet of the poor.
  • Tudor/Stuart Food - See some of the reasons Henry VIII became so fat and why Elizabeth I's teeth were black.
  • Victorian Cooking - The rise of the middle classes brought about changes in the food prepared during the reign of Victoria. What was the impact of the Empire?
  • Food and the 1950s Housewife – Post war Britain was a time of change in our society. Find out how these changes were reflected in the life of the housewife and food fashions.
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