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Crime and Punishment

With presentations from Medieval to Victorian discover how it feels to be put in the pillory or stocks, feel the thumbscrews tightening, tie a hangman’s noose. Learn about the development of the ‘long drop’.

Watch your children being taught how to pick pockets throughout history and listen to the tricks of the Victorian burglar.

Did you know of the gruesome trade of grave robbing or the darkest business of baby farming?

  • Medieval Crime and Punishment – Find out about Medieval outlaws. Discover how it feels to be put in the pillory or stocks and feel the thumbscrews tightening.
  • Tudor Magistrate – Crime and Punishment -  Learn which places to avoid in London and how to pick pockets as well as a variety of other criminal activities and the punishments meted out.
  • Grave Robber - Steve has developed the character of Nehemiah Bacon, Resurrectionist (grave robber!). Discover how he benefits medicine and maybe he will disclose the sleazier side of this trade!
  • Bow Street Runners – Watch out, watch out the Bow Street Runners are about! Why were they formed and what were their powers?
  • Victorian Criminals - Listen as Steve tells the tricks of the Victorian burglar. Learn about the development of the ‘long drop’ and tie a hangman’s noose.
  • Victorian Tosher – Steve illustrates Victorian life by showing the finds a Victorian tosher makes in the sewers of London.
  • Victorian and Early 20th Century Baby Farmers – Eve is carrying out research for the most comprehensive history of this the darkest of businesses. Hear her tell about some of Britain’s baby farmers and learn the sad fate of some illegitimate babies in Victorian and early 20th Century Britain.

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