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We offer a wide range of costumed presentations/characterisations,  using museum quality artefacts at museums, heritage sites and schools.

History of Medicine

Steve has long had an interest in the history of medicine and has researched a series of presentations from Medieval through to Victorian. He has taken part in numerous T.V. programmes and has undertaken research for the Wellcome Library and developed several of their video conferencing packages. More...

The Underworld

With presentations from Medieval to Victorian discover how it feels to be put in the pillory or stocks, feel the thumbscrews tightening, tie a hangman’s noose. Learn about the development of the ‘long drop’.  More...

History of Food

Eve has researched recipes from Medieval times to the 1960s (she doesn’t need to research later ones – she remembers those!) and is fascinated by the relationship between food fashions, changes in society and the wider history of the time. She has a passion for spices that were used in the past. She is a superb cook – as shown by her waistline (never trust a slim cook!). More...

Queen Victoria

After being told by many people that she looked like Queen Victoria and as she is the same height as the late Queen (at the same age), Eve researched and developed the characterisation. She used historic costume experts to design and make her costume, which is based on photographs of Queen Victoria in the 1870/80s. Now she transforms into an uncanny representation of her.  More. 





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