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We have developed a series of characters and presentations aimed talks for interest groups, most of which are delivered in costume with artefacts and/or Powerpoint illustrations.

Over the years we have specialised in a variety of areas, although our interests are forever expanding, often into the darker side of life in the past: Steve in the history of medicine and crime and punishment; Eve in Queen Victoria, the history of food and cooking and baby farming in Britain.

All of our presentations are well researched and resourced so you can be sure that the things we say and do are as historically accurate as we can make them.

Medieval Surgery - In this talk we explain the theory of the four humours that underpins Medieval medicine and demonstrates the skill of the surgeon.

Early Modern Surgery – We explain the continuing theory of the four humours but also show the changes that came about during this period and demonstrates the developing skill of the surgeon.

Jenner and Vaccination - The story of the development of vaccination is more complicated than you may think. Steve explains how Jenner developed the technique and how he got it accepted by society.

Medieval Crime and Punishment - Find out about Medieval outlaws. Discover how it feels to be put in the pillory or stocks and feel the thumbscrews tightening.

Tudor Magistrate – Crime and Punishment - Learn which places to avoid in London and how to pick pockets as well as a variety of other criminal activities and the punishments meted out.

Grave Robber - Steve has developed the character of Nehemiah Bacon, Resurrectionist (grave robber!). Discover how he benefits medicine and maybe he will disclose the sleazier side of this trade!

Bow Street Runners - Watch out, watch out the Bow Street Runners are about! Why were they formed and what were their powers?

Victorian Criminals - Listen as Steve tells the tricks of the Victorian burglar. Learn about the development of the ‘long drop’ and tie a hangman’s noose.

Victorian Tosher - Victorian life illustrated by the finds a Victorian tosher makes in the sewers of London.

WW2 Merchant Navy Officer - Hear how the merchant navy kept supplies moving in spite of Germany's UBoats. Steve's interest in this area came from listening to Eve's father's near misses as a merchant seaman.


Spices and Medieval Society - Eve has a passion for spices that were used in the past. She explains where the Medieval person thought they came from and how they illustrated society.

Food and the 1950s Housewife - Post war Britain was a time of change in our society. Find out how these changes were reflected in the life of the housewife and food fashions. 




Victorian and Early 20th Century Baby Farmers -

Eve tells the story of some of Britain’s baby farmers. Learn the sad fate of some illegitimate babies in Victorian and early 20th Century Britain, how the law made this darkest of businesses viable and how it was eventually brought to an end.






Queen Victoria - Becoming a Queen Victoria Impersonator - After being told by many people that she looked like Queen Victoria and as she is the same height as the late Queen (at the same age), Eve researched and developed the characterisation. She used historic costume experts to design and make her costume, which is based on photographs of Queen Victoria in the 1870s. Now she transforms into an uncanny representation of her. Find out the details of how she ‘became Queen Victoria’


The Fight for the Vote   - Dressed as a suffragette, Eve tells the story, not just of the suffragettes, but of the long campaign for universal suffrage in Britain.


Sailors in the Desert and the Horseless Cavalry - The story of a ship's crew after being torpedoed during World War One

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