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As teachers we know the importance of bringing history to life for students. Taking part in an ‘amputation’, being presented to a Queen, or studying an artefact are the experiences that can bring a lasting interest in history. It is possible to tie some of these visits in with other curriculum areas e.g. English, science or British Values. Save the cost of transport and the mountain of paperwork by bringing history to your school. 

Many of our presentations are suitable for schools, particularly-


Significant Events:Great Fire of London - The Gunpowder Plot 

Lives of Significant Individuals:- Queen Victoria  - Emily Davison

British History Beyond 1066:- Changing Power of Monarchs: King John and Queen Victoria - Crime and Punishment: Medieval, Tudor and Victorian

Significant Turning Point in British History: - The Black Death - The Reformation

Romans, Saxons, Vikings: Why not introduce your students to Arnold the Archaeologist? He develops investigative and questioning skills using museum quality artefacts to allow comparisons between the burial practices in a fun way.

Artefact Studies: - Using museum quality artefacts to develop investigative and questioning skills for Tudors or Victorians.

Victorians: Have a visit from either Queen Victoria or a Victorian Policeman 


Development of the Church, State and Society in Medieval Britain 1066-1508: - the importance of religion in society, a debate using Bible quotes - Religion in daily life - The Black Death highlighting medical treatment and the changes in agricultural practice.


Thematic Studies

Medicine in Britain c1250 to present: - The History of Medicine

Crime and Punishment c1000 to Present: - Crime and Punishment

Shaping the Nation: - Health and The People 1000 to present: The History of MedicinePower and the People 1170 to present: Challenging Authority and Feudalism - Constraints on Kingship - Meet Archbishop Stephen Langton or a high status knight to discuss the Magna Carta;  Equality and Rights - Women's Rights - Meet an Edwardian woman and hear her story.

Norman England c1066 - c1100: - The Norman Church and Monasticism - Meet a monk and hear of his daily orders book and the importance of relics and reliquary 

Medieval England 1272 - 1307: -  Medieval Crime and Punishment.

Elizabethan England c1568 - 1603: -  Tudor artefacts, 

Restoration England 1660 - 1685: - The Great Plague 


We can also offer a bespoke service tailored to suit you needs.

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