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About us

Steve & Eve Bacon have been historical re-enactors for many years and started ‘Live’n History’ in the year 2000. We are both qualified teachers and between us have worked in most school settings. We want to bring sparkle and excitement into a subject that could seem dry and unappealing and, to this end, we have developed a series of characters and presentations aimed at doing just that in museums and heritage sites, and for schools and interest groups.

Over the years we have specialised in a variety of areas, although our interests are forever expanding:  Steve in the history of medicine, toys and games through time, crime and punishment and what artefacts can tell us about the past;
Eve in Queen Victoria, the history of food and cooking and Victorian baby farming.

All of our presentations are well researched and resourced so you can be sure that the things we say and do are as historically accurate as we can make them.

Please browse our pages to find out more about what we can offer you and your setting.

We have Public Liability Insurance for £5,000,000 and can supply risk assessments for all our presentations.

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